Understand Documents Faster

TagDox helps you easily find and share info from documents


Tags in TagDox allow you to find, extract and share information so you can understand contracts and other documents faster and better. Similar information in the same - or different documents will be more easily accessible for you and others.

Automatic tag suggestions

Text segments in old documents are used to find automatic suggestions. This way relevant sections in new documents become easily "taggable".

Easily Customizable Document Checklists

Data and comments contained in documents can be easily shared through highlighted tags. Once highlighted, you can explore viewpoints on the same section by different people or organizations.


TagDox' centralized document platform allows you to deliver your automatic document review in a structured way to the right people both in- and outside your organization.

Share documents, tags and comments

Capture information from documents. Share and discuss this information with your colleagues, partners, or clients.

Quick Decisions and Context

With all comments at your fingertips, you will spend less time organizing and search data in documents. This allows you to spend more time on value added contract review and decision making for instance.


Document tags don't just allow you to find sections more easily inside a document. The "tag results" can be used in various formats:
you can transform documents into easily readable summaries, checklists, database feeds or approval overviews. You can even use the data to create new research reports.

Customized Summaries

Quickly extract the essential points of a document into a summary for all your team to view. Tailored reports focus your attention on what’s important leading to quicker decision making.

Collaborative Summaries

Need to create similar summaries from similar documents. With TagDox, extract data from not just one file but multiple files and multiple analysts into the same report.
At TagDox, the security of your data and documents is our highest priority. We use SSL/TLS technology to transfer data between you and our servers. For organizations that require higher security levels, we can offer local, in-house deployment.
Know how
Document review can be highly personal team- company- or industry, specific. We give you access to standard checklists and reporting relevant to your job. This so you can start adding your own layer of insights rather than repeatedly review the same documents.
Using our advanced proprietary algorithms, TagDox constantly learns from your highlights. This enables TagDox to find the most relevant information when you review new documents.

"This could turn the law firm model upside down!"

"TagDox improves the speed and quality of our document review."

"TagDox gives me access to the accumulated document knowledge of all my team members."

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